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      My name is Paul Filip, I am the founder of this investment management program. Based on my 21 years of experience in Romanian real estate market, from which past 8 years exclusively managing real estate investments, I founded this program as a solution for all the foreign investor in Romanian real estate market , combining experience and knowledge of a several companies relevant in this industry to provide one stop shop experience. I invite you through this website to get acquainted with us, our experience and investment proposal and maybe later we sit at a coffee and discus about how we can do lucrative business together!

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Company profile

We are the local Investment management company focused on real estate investments, asset and fund management. Headquartered in Bucharest, the business concept of Imocapital is based on 20+ years of local market experience, rigorous selection of partners in order to provide as a team ,through our work, the best results for our investors.
We have extensive experience matching international requirements with the Romanian real estate market specifics. We put together projects tailored to your needs, and we manage it until the best expectation are achieved.
The conception, realization and management of investments is provided by our specialist business units which together cover the entire scope of services entailed in real estate investments.
We pride ourselves on being a competent, trustworthy and fair partner to all our clients and business partners.


We cooperate as a team with a range of business partners and service providers such as: architects, engineers, lawyers, notaries, real estate agents, marketing, digital solution, in order to offer our investors, the complete range of services. We provide tailor-made, customized investment solutions enabling national and international clients to invest in the Romanian real estate.
Our investment strategy is primarily focused on the residential and commercial asset sectors with primary interest in prime and medium locations in major cities.
Imocapital covers the entire value chain of a real estate investment: from asset strategy to realisation, from acquisition to financing, letting, marketing, project development and sale – primarily for the residential and commercial asset classes.
In the context of our preferred partnerships we provide the full range of services in the areas of property management, letting services , transaction services , facility management, project management and project development .


- to provide the most professional, trustworthy and results-driven approach to real estate investments.
- to put always our investors first – our main aim is to deliver sustainable results and long-term success for our clients.
- to focus on value growth and solid returns
- to be proactive in anticipating future market developments
- to work exclusively in the interests of the investor
- to be one step further in achieving our clients’ investment targets.


To any Private Investor, Family office, Institutional investor, Investments funds, etc.
- If you look for investment opportunities with great or steady return more than average in Europe,
- If you plan to relocate your production business in Romania,
- If you own assets in Romania and you need management for,
- If you already invested in Romania but management is a headache,
- If you are looking for long term investment,
- If you need production or logistic space,
- If you need support or consultancy on any real estate related problem,
For any reason related to real estate we are here for you!

Some facts and numbers about our expertise

In our 5 years of existece we initiate, manage or develop some of the most succesful projects across the country.

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"To give real service, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money , and that is sincerity and integrity."
Douglas Adams

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